Divorced-with-Kids Bucket List

So you’re divorced, or on your way to divorce? Everyone out there seems to have a “bucket list” for everything and a bucket list for divorce seems appropriate. Before you get all excited planning for exotic vacations or weekends full of drunken shenanigans… do you have kids?

Kids do have a way of getting in the way… sometimes… but we still love them anyway, right? Don’t worry, you can still create a fun divorce bucket list while keeping them in mind.


  1. Take your kids out for ice cream. Or really any special restaurant or treat that you wouldn’t normally do when you were with your spouse. No one is going to judge you for being with your kids solo.
  2. Utilize your custody arrangement as a “babysitter”. Do you need a night out on the town? Or dinner and a movie by yourself or with a friend or family member? Plan ahead for when the kids are with your ex during his or her parenting time. We all need a break sometime.
  3. Do a new activity outside of your comfort zone. Do something like yoga or dance lessons or join a book club or woodworking shop. For starters, it’s a great way to meet new people- not necessarily to date them, but create new friendships- and secondly, it gets you out of your comfort zone. Humans resist change from the norm, you’re getting divorced or newly divorced, so doing something you wouldn’t normally do sets you up to possibly like something that was different from your old life.
  4. Take a weekend getaway with the kids. Whether you want to go all out and take them to a theme park or just to a cabin on a lake or stay home in your pajamas and watch movies all day, make it a weekend about just you and your kiddos. They might actually appreciate the quality time with you.
  5. Meet other divorced parents. Find a local group or an online group. Share your stories and advice with others who have gone through the same thing as you. Vent and cry with them. It’s OK to bond over difficult experiences. You and your kids might gain some new friends.

The list can go on and it can involve things with or without your children and be just as fun either way. Always remember that the time after a divorce, not only is your heart healing but your kids’ hearts as well. Take the time to enjoy and nurture them through the transition. You have your whole life ahead of you.

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