Picking A Shave Club From Many

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Shaving my legs and getting that nice, smooth shave that lasts is an ever-elusive task. I got my first razor right before my 12th birthday when my mom found out that I had been using her razor and didn’t tell her. I was given a bag of those Bic disposables, I’m talking those orange and white you’re-lucky-if-you-can-shave-a-leg razors. Perfect for the pre-teenage girl (or boy) looking to get their shave on and learn without super-complicated razors. As the years went on, I tried a variety of women’s razors from Gillette and Schick and I even tried a few random battery-powered razors until I settled on the Gillette Venus razors in my late teens and kept upgrading my Venus razor every few years or so as the model changed.

They worked well for me for so many years, but that is not what you are here for.

As I got into my early thirties, I decided that I was tired of coupon hunting or having to pay $$ for 4 razors while trying to make them stretch for several weeks at a time because, let’s face it, I’m not a once-a-day shaver. In fact, since kids I’m lucky if I am a once-a-week shaver. So when I turned 33 I started on a hunt for the best women’s shave club razor. After a brief search I found that there really aren’t that many shave clubs out there dedicated to just women. I’m not a huge feminist, but I was kinda bothered a bit by this, sure I could use a men’s razor, but often I find that men’s shaving requests and preferences are entirely different than that of a woman, even though we both are shaving hairs off of some part of our bodies. I am also very specific about what I like in a razor.

Shave Club Reviews

So let’s get to it. I tried FOUR different shave clubs: two catering to women and two catering to men (although the men’s ones are trying to capture a female following more recently). Other reviews out there of course cover the basics like cost, frequency of the club shipments, and the options available. Honestly, I don’t care whether there are 5 blades or 6, I just want it to WORK!

Here is my personal shaver profile:

I shave usually 3-4x a week, but sometimes only once!

I rarely use shaving cream or butter, I don’t have time for that… I have kids!!! I do wait until the end of my shower and my legs and hairs are sufficiently soaked.

Regardless of how often I shave, I replace the blade every 3ish weeks. (I know, BAD!, but kids, remember?) All razors from each club hung on a hook in my shower under the shower head, so they got wet from spray off of the bodies in the shower. I didn’t use the protective covers if any were included to give all clubs a fair shot at what typical conditions are in my shower.

I shave my legs and underarms, that’s it.

I’m Italian, so my hair is coarse and grows fast. THANKS, genetics!

Without further ado…

Shave Club #1: Harry’s

I used the Truman Set ($15). There are options for the Winston set with a different handle, but I didn’t try it so it’s not going in here. Plans let you pick a trial, packs with blades only, or with shaving accessories (like shave gel) and then you get to pick how frequently you’d like your package sent to you. If I picked my 3-4x a week then my blade-only pack would have been $15/month. My Ebates extension keeps popping up so there must be regular deals there as well.

How it rates: 3/5 stars

I liked the simple appearance of Harry’s set. The handle was fine in length and weight. The blades felt kinda boxy to me, I feel like it is definitely intended more for a face than legs, it didn’t quite smooth over the curves around the backs of my knees like I had hoped. I DO like that it has a precision trimmer on the edge, to trim up my bikini area if I need it. But the thing I didn’t like is that for what it is, it felt like a boxy Venus razor. It screeched like Remember, I don’t use shaving cream either, but I felt like having a cream would have been an added hindrance. The shave didn’t feel close and the day after I could already feel stubble. Against my natural tendencies, I shaved again and it was worse. Sorry, Harry’s, I’m sure you’re great for somebody, but let’s just stay friends.

Shave Club #2: Dollar Shave Club

I had high hopes for this club. They delivered but fell short in the handle (literally). I ordered the Starter Set ($5) that comes with the executive handle, a 4-pack of blades, and a trial size of the shave butter. My refills would ship in 3 months for just under $25. Again you can pick your frequency and add on shaving accessories (and Dr. Carver’s products are amazing… trust me, my boyfriend loves them!) as you like. Ebates has special deals and if you use apps like Dosh sometimes you get cash back for linking your card.

How it rates: 4/5 stars20180602_230343125_iOS

The blades felt great. For your typical, men’s razor it’s everything you could ask for. The shave was close, the blades last for your typical shave time. The price is right. I know several women who love using them. My only hangup with them is the dang handle. Why is it so effing short??!?!?! For a shave club razor, I was expecting something a little weightier. (I’ll admit I was also a little biased. I tried DSC after my personal favorite, but I wanted to give their blades a fair try.) If it wasn’t for the handle, I would have continued using DSC especially since the Shave Butter is so fantastic that even I liked using it when I don’t normally use any creams or butters and I could have saved money on ordering blades with my boyfriend.

Shave Club #3: Angel Shave Club

This shave club is dedicated to women. I ordered their free trial (just pay shipping) that comes with a handle and 1 blade. Fairly simple, but also pretty and pink (full disclosure: I HATE pink). Subscriptions let you pick your handle and whether or not you want your 8 blades shipped every 2 months or every 4 months for $18. The options with this club are rather minimal compared to the Dollar Shave Club but there is whipped shaving souffle that can be added to your order, and since they cater to women, there is a First Shave Kit that includes extras like lotion, bandages, and a little canvas bag.

How it rates: 4.5/5 stars

I was nicely impressed with this shave club. I was worried that because they catered to women that the quality of the razors would be dismal compared to men’s razors. Mind you, I used Venus razors for years, that is what I thought all women’s razors should be like. The handle balanced great with the size of the blade. My first shave with each blade was just as good as my last, reminding you that I replaced them every 3ish weeks. My boyfriend noticed a difference in my shaves with Angel Shave Club compared to other clubs I was trying. The thing I love the most about Angel Shave Club is the fact that my razor was just as sharp the day I tossed it as the day it came out of the box. I almost felt bad throwing them away thinking I could get just one more use out of it.

Shave Club #4: Billie

This shave club is also dedicated to women. I bought the Starter kit ($9) that comes with two blades, a handle, and a magnetic holder. Plans send you 4 replacement blades at your pick of every 1, 2, or 3 months for $9 each shipment. They also offer shave cream, body wash, and lotion to order. Billie really hypes the “pink tax rebate” they offer for referrals due to women generally getting charged more for the same products men use.

How it rates: 2.5/5 stars

Let me put it this way, I LOVE the whole idea that Billie is putting out there that women don’t need to be paying so friggin much for things like razors just because they buy a women’s product instead of a men’s product. I like cute stuff too, but don’t sacrifice my quality just to prove a point. The Billie razor on its first shave right out of the package felt like I was shaving with my old Venus razor with a 2 month-old blade on it. I wish I was joking. Thinking maybe I had a faulty blade, I took the second one out of its package and used it on my other leg. Then I used it on the first leg again with shaving cream. It was not the close shave I was hoping for with a new razor blade. I’m sorry Billie, you just didn’t cut it for me. It also had that screeching sound like the Harry’s razor and I was left with feeling stubble the day after. To make matters worse, I think I was allergic or irritated by the moisturizers around the blades and I had little razor bumps in a few spots on my shins. Sadly, I just couldn’t hop on board with a shave club that didn’t have a razor that could shave my legs effectively, regardless of the intentions and low costs.

And the Verdict Is…

If you couldn’t already guess, my clear winner is the Angel Shave Club. For a quality feeling handle and a super close shave that lasts, it was hands down my favorite. Dollar Shave Club, I’ll keep you in mind for sure if ASC ever goes out of business.

Edit to add: Harry’s, Dollar Shave Club, and Angel Shave Club all have precision trimmer blades on the end of their razors as of post time. Billie does not.

NOTE: I performed these trials completely of my own accord and I was not contacted by either of these companies to promote their product prior to writing this article or performing my tests. I was contacted, however, after cancelling my shave plans with two of the companies to provide feedback for why I left to which I gave my honest opinions and observations.

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