Time for a Staycation

I’ve missed the boat on the stay-cation craze. Almost. I’m actually going on a staycation this weekend. My boyfriend and I are venturing to a local resort with a water park on-site with our 4 kids for a weekend of birthday craziness, Father’s Day celebration, and… probably pure madness. We turned what would have been a 2-day $3000+ vacation to California into a $600 “staycation” 25 miles away from our humble abode. We have no major plans except to spend our entire Saturday at the waterpark. The kids are ecstatic!


The staycation has probably always been a “thing” but it didn’t really become a viable option for family (or single people) vacations until recent years, particularly after the recession in 2008 and suddenly surging in popularity in the years that followed. Blogs out there have hashed out the details for a fun staycation and rehashed it over and over again at what can make them fun and successful. Here are my tips:

  1. Pick a budget.
  2. Loosely plan your staycation.
  3. HAVE FUN!!

OMG. There is too much thought put into the whos, whats, and wheres of vacation planning these days. As a parent who has spent way too many days anxiety-ridden over what to pack, what to do, and planning out each day, staycations are meant to be easier to relax because you’re not spending a ton of money on traveling via plane or car. If you want the excitement of being away from home, pick a budget-friendly hotel to stay in for a night (or two, like we are). We’re having dinner at a restaurant one night and then packing in a cooler with snacks and sandwiches for the rest. My biggest worry will be getting all the kids to go to sleep at a reasonable hour, but vacations are meant to have late nights, right?

Next year will be the big vacation, possibly to Disneyland, but shh don’t tell my kids that.

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