Not Everyone is OK: Depression

Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade this week. And those are only the suicides we hear about, because they were famous people. Netflix’s Thirteen Reasons Why takes on the novel by Jay Asher and brings to attention the emotions and feelings of teens, perhaps igniting a spark for conversation between parents and their kids.
Talk to your families and loved ones. Whether it is you who is struggling or you suspect they might be struggling. Make mental health a priority. Depression and sadness are not something we shouldn’t talk about. Everyone has feelings. Not everyone is able to process them on their own. Some people need help.
If I sprain my ankle and it hurts, I’m going to get help for it- bandage, Tylenol for the pain, see a doctor. If I feel sad so much that my head and heart hurt, I’m should go get help for it too- talk with a therapist, anti-depressants. STOP ACTING LIKE MENTAL ILLNESS IS A DISGUSTING DISEASE! If the stigma wasn’t there, I think more depressed individuals would seek help. BUT… many still won’t.
If for any reason you feel sad and depressed, or anxiety is getting a hold of you and you feel helpless or lost, PLEASE get help. Turn to the Suicide Prevention Lifeline. You are not alone and someone wants to help you to feel better.
I, myself, struggled with postpartum depression and anxiety… even while I was pregnant. I am glad I felt strong enough to speak with my doctor to be put on medication to help me through a few years when I was in a low place. Who knows how bad my depression could have gotten if I didn’t seek help? I choose not to think about those what ifs. What matters is that I am HERE TODAY and get to see my lovely, smiling children.
There are many people in your life who love you and you matter to them.

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